Welcome, Grasshopper

Hello! I am your Great Grand Boss. Welcome to my website. I am glad you came.

Many achievers find themselves so consumed by their work that they forget about the reasons why they work. This can be a dangerous slippery slope that will greatly impact many aspects of their life, sometimes at great cost. Many of these achievers do not even realize what’s happening. Does this sound like you?

It is the goal of this website to guide seasoned and aspiring leaders alike to achieve balance in work and in life, and prosper in all that they set out to do. I am invested in you both personally and professionally.

It is my hope to build on an array of topics related to the development of you. Some ideas I am currently considering for topics include goal setting, understanding the seven categories of lifetime success, networking, mentoring, productivity, building your personal brand, people management, time management, and other tips & tricks. I intend to also provide a recommended reading list. I’m sure this list will expand over time, but this is the initial idea.

Here’s to your success!

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